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The Piggott School

A Church of England Academy


Leadership Team 
葛雷先生 Executive Headteacher   Please contact PA to Headteacher
Mrs R Alexander Deputy Headteacher
Mr A MacLeod Deputy Headteacher
毕比先生 Deputy Headteacher
Mr K Hillerton Headteacher (Charvil)
裴丽君女士 Deputy Headteacher (Charvil)
亨特夫人 Assistant Headteacher / SENCO
Ms K Thornton Assistant Headteacher
Mr D Thatcher Assistant Headteacher
伯德夫人 Assistant Headteacher
Mrs P Bhardwaj Business Manager
Pastoral Team 
Mr D Malyon Head of Year 7
Mrs J Beavis Assistant Head of Year 7
卡特先生 Assistant Head of Year 7
Mrs V Knopp Head of Year 8
Mrs L McDonald Assistant Head of Year 8
Mrs C Moore Head of Year 9
Ramiz女士 Assistant Head of Year 9
弗林夫人 Head of Year 10
Tomo夫人 Assistant Head of Year 10
Mrs K Hillyard Assistant Head of Year 10
Mr D Winter Head of Year 11
Mrs F Apsey Assistant Head of Year 11
Miss L Reynolds Head of Year 12 & 13
Miss Z Bradshaw Assistant Head of Year 13
Mrs R Kenneally Head of Key Stage 3
Miss H Rudman KS3 Pastoral Assistant
Miss E George  Head of Key Stage 4
科尔斯夫人 KS4 Pastoral Assistant
Mr A Dusterhoft Head of Key Stage 5
Mrs D Burton KS5 Pastoral Assistant
克劳女士 Raising Standards Lead for KS5
Miss A Giacomet KS5 建议 and Guidance Mentor
Mrs J Colby Safeguarding and Child Protection Officer
Mrs C Preston PA to Executive Headteacher
Mrs M Aris De Cani 招生 and 课程 Officer 招生
库克夫人 Data Administrator  
Mrs V Middleton Examinations and Data Officer
Mrs H Mitchell Finance Assistant  
Mrs E McKenzie Finance Assistant  
Ms L Sharma Payroll Officer  
玛尔夫人 Clerk to the Governors  
瑞德夫人 图书馆 Assistant  
Mrs D Malyon Receptionist
Mrs S Pollard Receptionist
Mrs S Haywood Receptionist / Student and Staff Services Assistant
Mrs J Pagliaro Student and Staff Services Assistant  
弗罗斯特夫人 Student and Staff Services Assistant  
Miss K Bacon Student and Staff Services Assistant  
费希尔先生 Network Manager
赖利先生 Deputy Network Manager
Mrs S Franklin Subject Leader
Miss K Thornton  Assistant Head Teacher
Miss N Cooper 美术老师  
Miss S Foster 美术老师/KS3 TIL  
Mrs G Pattison 美术老师  
Miss S Ramiz 美术老师/Assistant Head of Year 9
 Associate Teachers
E女士 Associate Teacher  
Mr R Daniels Associate Teacher  
高夫先生 Associate Teacher  
Miss M Haines Associate Teacher  
刘博先生 Associate Teacher  
诺克斯女士 Associate Teacher  
Ms E Wheeler  Associate Teacher  
基尔比夫人 绿色的房间  
Business Studies & 经济学 
Mr C Drosdzowski Subject Leader
Mr A Pearce 经济学 Co-ordinator  
Mrs L Goldie Business Studies Teacher  
Mr D Malyon Business Studies Teacher/Head of 7  
Mrs L Saunders Business Studies Teacher  
Mr S Martin Business Studies Teacher  
派珀先生 Business Studies Teacher  
Mr M Fitzmaurice Business Studies Teacher  
Computer 科学 
Mrs P Bhattacharya Subject Leader
Ms L McDonald Teacher of Computing/Assistant Head of Year 8
Ms K Hunter Teacher of Computing  
设计 & 技术
史密斯先生 Subject Leader
Mr A Demby-Wheeler 设计 & 技术 Teacher  
Mrs W Espley Subject Leader 食物 & 营养  
Ms W Bennett 设计 & 技术 Teacher  
史密斯先生 设计 & 技术 Teacher  
Tomo夫人 Subject Leader / Assistant Head of Year 10
Miss S Parsons 戏剧 Teacher / Assistant SENco
Miss G Swanborough Head of 英语
Ms J Humphrey Head of 媒体 Studies/英语 Teacher
Mrs P Brophy 英语/心理学 teacher/GTP Mentor  
史密斯先生 英语 Teacher / KS4 Leader
亨特夫人 英语 Teacher/Assistant Head Teacher
Ms K Marriott 英语 Teacher  
布朗女士 英语 Teacher/KS5 Leader
Ms T Townsend 英语 Teacher  
Miss S Ferguson 英语 Teacher/KS5 Literacy Leader
Miss G Hardy 英语 Teacher/Literacy Leader
Miss L Tibbey 英语 Teacher  
Miss K Mercer 英语 Teacher  
海德女士 英语 Teacher  
Miss K Ludwig 英语 Teacher  
史都华女士 英语 Teacher  
Ms L Thornton 英语 Teacher  
Miss L Piggford Acting Subject Leader
Mr A Dusterhoft Head of Key Stage 5
Mr A MacLeod Deputy Headteacher
Miss O Gayler 地理位置 Teacher  
Mr M Quaile 地理位置 Teacher  
Ms P Nutley 地理位置 Teacher  
健康 and 社会关怀
柏奇女士 Subject Leader
Mrs N Jordan-Lewis Applied 科学 Teacher  
Miss J Curtis Subject Leader
格雷夫人 Teacher of 历史 / 社会学  
Miss A Sharma Teacher of 历史  
伯德夫人 Assistant Headteacher
Learning Support
亨特夫人 Assistant Headteacher / SENCo
Miss S Parsons 戏剧 Teacher / Assistant SENco  
穆迪夫人 森教练  
坎太太 Dyslexia Coach  
Mrs A Marsh Numeracy Coach  
狐狸夫人 Numeracy Coach  
Mrs P Jackson Specialist 文理学院 (Visual Impairment)   
Mrs S Woodcock Specialist 文理学院 (Visual Impairment)   
柯比夫人 Specialist 文理学院 (Hearing Impairment)   
考克斯女士 Specialist 文理学院 (Physio, Personal and Physical Care)  
Ms L Theodolou Reading and Literacy Mentor  
Mrs E Beeton 文理学院  
斯科特夫人 文理学院  
Mrs D Boshier 文理学院  
陈惠珍女士 文理学院  
克劳女士 文理学院  
Mrs J Daser 文理学院  
Mrs K Driver 文理学院  
Ms R Easthope 文理学院  
Mrs R Giles 文理学院  
可汗女士 文理学院  
Mrs D Meldrum 文理学院  
Ms A Medhurst 文理学院  
Ms A Murphy 文理学院  
吴爱玲女士 文理学院  
阿沙女士 文理学院  
Miss A Marsden 文理学院  
Mr M Connor Subject Leader and Co-ordinator for 西班牙语
Mrs R Brookfield   Co-ordinator for 法国  
Mrs C Taylor Co-ordinator for 德国  
Mrs S Schgor 德国/法国/西班牙语 Teacher  
戴利先生 德国/法国 Teacher  
Ms G Hersent    
Miss L Reynolds 法国/西班牙语 Teacher/Head of Years 12 and 13
Mrs J Forrer 中国人 Teacher  
Mrs S Rawlings 德国/法国 Teacher  
Primary Outreach
Mrs E Penson 法国/西班牙语 Teacher  
Ms Z Bradshaw Assistant Head of Year
图书馆 Assistant
Miss S Forrest Subject Leader
Miss S Elliot Teacher of Mathematics and Leader of KS5 Mathematics
Mr J Crawley Teacher of Mathematics  
Mrs K Hillyard Teacher of Mathematics / Assistant Head of Year
Mrs S Kashyap Teacher of Mathematics  
Ms H Kinson Teacher of Mathematics  
Mrs V Knopp Maths Teacher/Head of Year 8
Mr J Mannering Teacher of Mathematics  
N Mistry女士 Teacher of Mathematics  
里斯夫人 Teacher of Mathematics / KS4 Maths - higher tier  
Miss L Mountford Teacher of Mathematics  
J Walden女士 Teacher of Mathematics / KS3 Maths and KS4 Co-leader
摩尔女士 Teacher of Mathematics/Head of Year 9
Mrs C Dew Teacher of Mathematics  
Mr D Malyon Teacher of Mathematics/Head of Year 7
Miss J Brookes Teacher of Mathematics  
Ms J Spencer Teacher of Mathematics  
媒体 Studies
Ms J Humphrey
Subject Leader/英语 Teacher
Subject Leader 
Miss R Cobb Teacher of 音乐  
Physical Education
Mrs K Hopkins Subject Leader
卡特先生 体育主管 
Assistant Head of Year
Mr D Winter Head of Year 11
Miss L Fellowes Teacher of PE  
Miss R Kenneally Teacher of PE/Head of Key Stage 3
Mr A Freeman Teacher of PE/Leadership Co-ordinator/Head Coaching Academy
Mr R Williams KS4 Targeted Intervention Lead
Mrs D Flynn Teacher of PE/Head of Year 10
Mr D Thatcher Assistant Head Teacher
Data Protection Officer
Teacher of PE
O Ayres先生 Teacher of PE  
Miss C Cahill Teacher of PE  
Mrs P Brophy
 Subject Leader
Mrs N Jordan-Lewis Teacher of 心理学  
Mrs M Schneider Teacher of 心理学  
Religious Education
斯通先生 Subject Leader
Miss D Marris Teacher of RE/
Leader of SIAMS and SMSC
A Javed女士 Teacher of RE  
伦女士 Teacher of RE / Inclusion and Diversity Lead
Ms K Spratt Teacher of RE  
Subject Leader 
社会学 Teacher
Mrs A Ferguson
Subject Leader 
Mrs N Blythin Teacher of 科学  
Mrs F Apsey
Teacher of 科学/Assistant Head of Year
Mrs J Lwanga
Teacher of 科学
Mrs O Elliott
Teacher of 科学/Head of KS5 Chemistry
Ms M Szypkowski
Teacher of 科学/Head of KS4 Chemistry
乔治博士 Teacher of 科学/Head of Key Stage 4
Mrs A Goodall Head of Biology  
Mrs F Palmer Teacher of 科学  
Mr L Boehmer Teacher of 科学  
Mrs N Jordan-Lewis Teacher of 科学/ i/c BTEC Applied 科学  
弗洛依德夫人 Teacher of 科学  
Mrs B Reece-Smith Teacher of 科学  
Mrs H Isherwood Teacher of 科学  
Miss E Chapman Teacher of 科学  
Dr S Martin Teacher of 科学  
Ms J Beavis Teacher of 科学 / Assistant Head of Year
Mr J D'Cruz Teacher of 科学  
Work Skills
Subject Leader Work Skills
Ms A Giacomet 建议 & Guidance Mentor  
Mr D Corringham
Premises Manager
Mr W Matthew
Assistant Site Controller
Mr M Madgziak Assistant Site Controller  
Primary Site Controller
Mr A Connors 科学 Technician  
亨利女士 科学 Technician  
Mrs D Dormer
设计 技术 Technician
Mr J Hickling
艺术 Technician
Mr H Strickland 设计 技术 Technician  
Break/Lunch Supervisors
高洁女士 Break/Lunch Supervisor  
斯莱夫人 Break/Lunch Supervisor  
Ms S Zeeshan Break/Lunch Supervisor  
Ms L Simpson Break/Lunch Supervisor